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As a growing private practice, we are looking for dentists who are planning to transition their existing practices and continue their legacy of care as well as any dentist looking to join an outstanding team.

Our Collaborative Concept

We Are Better Together.

Transitioning Dental Practice Owners:
Are you planning for retirement?  Do you have a vision of how you want the care of your patients and welfare of your team to look once you transition out of your practice? In this phase of your career, would you like to give up the day to day management of the practice and spend more time focused on patient care?  

You deserve to have a smooth, rewarding transition. There are many ways to transition a practice and we want to help. Call our office today at (614) 451-7377; Dr. Fair would love to schedule a time to talk about your vision and concerns at this important phase of your career. We're happy to help you take the confusion and uncertainty out of this important time.  Together, we can help you create a plan that fits your specific vision and needs.

Associate Dentists: 
Are you looking for a private group practice modeled around patient-centered care? Are you interested in a practice that takes a whole health approach to dental care? Arlington Dental Group is the next step in your career.

Our purpose is to make dentistry better for everyone. As a dentist on our team, you will be given the opportunity to practice dentistry at the highest level you are comfortable with and work with like-minded, committed team members.  You will be coached in the four areas that dentists need most:  clinical skills, leadership, business management, and personal finance.

If Arlington Dental Group sounds like the right next step for your dental career, contact Dr. Fair at


An Office That Keeps You In Mind

We’re Here To Support Your Goals

At Arlington Dental Group, we support you with the following: 

  • Ability to focus
  • Stress alleviation
  • Increased schedule flexibility
  • Support with clinical skill growth
  • Trust in your practice's reputation
  • Clinical Autonomy
  • Relief in the knowledge that the practice will be well run
  • Access to equity and ownership
  • Access to equity and ownership

Joining A Group Practice 

We Focus On Mutual Benefits

The initial phase of any partnership with Arlington Dental Group is built on getting to know each other. We want to have an understanding of your goals, strengths and vision for the future of your practice. After spending time getting to know each other, we can go over the transition phase, the services we offer, and what we can bring to your practice. Once it’s decided that it’s a great fit we can move to the next phase – to elevate and optimize. 

The second phase to an Arlington Dental Partnership is grounded in our doctor-led vision for complete health dental care. We incorporate the services and solutions we firmly believe will improve the functionality, efficiency and overall success of your practice. Becoming a member of our ever-growing network of dental experts, we seamlessly transition your practice, your patients, and your team! 

The third phase is our Growth Phase. You can experience the benefits of a private practice within a supportive group setting and your patients will love the opportunity for extended treatment options. Your team will get excited about the technology and training available at Arlington Dental Group. This is your time to sit back and watch the incredible growth and success you have worked so hard to earn!

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