Botox in Upper Arlington, OH

How is Botox Used in Dentistry?

Botox is a less invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure that can alleviate facial pain, headaches, migraines, smooth fine lines, and cosmetically enhance your smile. Botox provides quick relief and leaves you with a rejuvenated glow that helps you look and feel your best.

At Arlington Dental Group, Drs. Michael C. Fair & Hetal Vaidya are not only experts in teeth but have extensive knowledge of the muscles and structure of the face, making them well-positioned to administer this treatment. As licensed providers, they can use Botox to complement a variety of procedures.

botox in Upper Arlington

Did you know…

Botox can be used to stop grinding teeth and can alleviate jaw pain.

Botox Treatment Process

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Initial Consultation

At Arlington Dental Group, we’ll discuss your personal smile goals, and discuss how Botox treatments may be able to help you achieve your unique vision. Additionally, if you’re experiencing jaw pain, we’ll find out if Botox can help relieve your discomfort.

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Customized Treatment Plan

Once Drs. Michael C. Fair & Hetal Vaidya decide whether Botox treatment is appropriate for you, they will create a plan designed to your specific needs and desired health goals. Together, they will consider your budget and lifestyle so you can feel comfortable throughout the process.

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Follow-up appointments help Drs. Michael C. Fair & Hetal Vaidya ensure you acquire the maximum benefits of the Botox treatment process. You should be able to frown, laugh, and smile normally with fewer wrinkles.

What Can Botox Treat?

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Temporomandibular Joint Problems (TMJ)

Botox has been shown to be effective in relieving patients of pain associated with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders. Although the direct cause of TMJ disorders can be hard to pinpoint, the symptoms often include pain or tenderness in the jaw or around the ear, headaches, pain while chewing, and even lockjaw in more extreme cases.

Botox targets the TMJ muscles, causing them to stop contracting and relax, which often allows the whole TMJ system to realign and work in harmony, relieving you of your TMJ-related pain.

Facial Pain, Jaw Pain, Headaches, and Migraines

Besides its contribution to cosmetic dentistry, Botox can be used to reduce stabbing facial pain, jaw pain, headaches, and migraines. Essentially, Botox relaxes the muscle, which blocks impulses coming from the brain. This then alleviates the perception of pain.

Dental Bonding, Shaping & Contouring

If you are interested in a non-invasive procedure that can revive your smile, dental bonding may be a great fit. The procedure only takes about 30-60 minutes per tooth. Your dentist will begin by applying a color-matched dental resin, designed to blend in with the rest of your smile. The resin will be carefully sculpted into your desired shape before hardening it with a UV light. This reinforces the look, feel, and function of your grin.

Enameloplasty is a cosmetic procedure that shapes and contours the teeth, it is performed during a dental bonding. During this process, a thin layer will be removed to achieve your desired shape. 

Did you know…

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Botox can be used to treat patients with headaches and migraines.

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Is Botox painful?

Our dentists will take precautionary measures to minimize discomfort or pain throughout the process. Most of our patients report that the procedure is straightforward and painless.

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How fast will I start noticing results?

You may start noticing changes within a few days to a week. This duration depends on the size and the location of the muscle that received the shot.

What are the most common injection areas?

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Some of the areas treated at Arlington Dental Group include:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Upper eyebrow area
  • 11's
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Spots on the face with painful muscles

Are Their Age Restrictions?

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Botox is not for patients under the age of 25, but is safe, convenient, safe, and comfortable for anyone above the age of 25.

Did you know…

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Botox results can last for months.