Emergency Dentist in Upper Arlington, OH

What is emergency dentistry? 

Emergency dentistry is all about eliminating pain, preventing complications, and getting you back to your day-to-day life. Accidents happen, and with a same-day emergency appointment at Arlington Dental Group, you can get the care you need from Dr. Michael C. Fair Jr. or Dr. Hetal Vaidya. Contact us at immediately to schedule an appointment now.

Emergency dentist in Upper Arlington

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The sooner you get help for a dental emergency, the lower your risk of further complications will be. Get in touch right away if you think you’re having an emergency! 

What to do in a dental emergency

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Call us Immediately

First, call our team and tell us about the situation. We’ll fit you in for a same-day appointment, and Dr. Fair or Dr. Vaidya will see you as soon as possible.

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Recover Tooth or Dental Work

If you’ve lost a tooth, grab it by the top of the tooth, rinse it off, and put it into a container of cold milk. If you’ve lost a piece of dental work, recover it and put it into a plastic bag.

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Treat Pain, Bleeding, & Discomfort

If your mouth is bleeding, you can use a clean paper towel or cotton ball and place pressure on the area to absorb blood. You can also take over-the-counter pain medicine and ice the cheek near the affected area to help with pain.

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Come in for your Appointment

You can’t treat your dental emergency on your own. So make sure to come into Arlington Dental Group as soon as possible for emergency dentistry in Upper Arlington. Dr. Vaidya or Dr. Fair will provide the care you need to relieve your pain, resolve your issue, and get you back to your day-to-day routine.

Common Emergency Dentistry Treatments

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are a very common emergency treatment. They are used to treat infected teeth, eliminate the infection, and prevent further tooth damage. With a root canal, you can save your tooth and eliminate your pain.

Dental Crowns And Fillings

Crowns or fillings may be needed if you’ve lost an old piece of dental work. Dental crowns are also often used alongside root canals to repair infected teeth and cracked, chipped, or broken teeth.

Tooth Splinting

Tooth splinting is used to reattach knocked-out teeth and to stabilize loose teeth. Dr. Vaidya or Dr. Fair will use special materials to attach your tooth to the nearby teeth. This will hold it in place, allow it to heal, and save your tooth.

Tooth Extractions 

Tooth extractions are always our last resort at Arlington Dental Group. However, it’s sometimes not possible to save a severely damaged or infected tooth. In this case, it may be better to remove and replace your tooth with a dental implant or another restorative dental treatment.

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A severe toothache is dental emergency.

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What counts as a dental emergency?

There are lots of different conditions that count as a dental emergency. If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, and/or bleeding and you can’t treat it on your own, you’re having an emergency.

To name just a few, some common dental emergencies include toothaches, cracked and broken teeth, loose or knocked-out teeth, cuts to the gums, lips, and oral tissue, and missing or damaged dental work.

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How long do I have to get help for a knocked-out tooth?

You have the highest chance of saving your tooth if you can come into our office within 30 minutes to an hour of knocking out your tooth. However, it is sometimes possible to save a tooth up to two hours after it’s been knocked out. If you knock out a tooth, contact our dentists in Upper Arlington immediately and come into our office ASAP.

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1 in 6 Americans experience experience a dental emergency every year.